Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any products or services that you offer that are NOT on the website?

A. YES! We have thousands of products and the website is just a sampling of what we can do, we will be continually adding to and building it out with our ever expanding catalogue, so reach out if you have an idea or need any inspiration. 

Q. I went to the Apparel page to see your blank selection, but I don't see how to order custom embroidery, Help!

A. No problem! The Apparel Page is meant to be a catalog of products that embroider well. If you see something you like, just add the product to an inquiry on the same page, and that will get emailed to us. We will follow up with you on what you want!

Q. Is there a size limit to what I can have created?

A. Yes, we do have some size limits for things like printing, laser, and banners. Please reach out to us if you aren't sure about the sizing of your design and we are happy to talk through it with you!

Q. What is your normal turn around time? 

A. For local orders we are always aiming to complete projects as soon as possible. We are usually operating within a two week window; but seasonality, complexity, shipping times, and quantity can affect these delivery dates.

Q. Do you offer Delivery?

A. We are happy to ship items to you, but do have to pass along the shipping costs to the customer at this time. Pickup is, of course, free of charge and we are happy to show you the shop while you're in! Local Delivery is available for a fee.

Q. What can I expect with cost?

A. Price is always affected by complexity and design time, but we were founded on high quality for a low cost with no minimums, and we will always do our best to stick to that. All of the items on the shop page are prescribed in price, but we are always happy to provide a quote for custom work or large quantities.

Q. Do you do all of your work in-house?

A. For the most part, yes! There are a few services that we can't offer, so we use trusted local sources, however we operate and own all of our own machines. Please feel free to follow our facebook or instagram page to see some product demos or hypnotic videos of the machines running!